“While no one wants to be the first to say it, who
each of us is and the fundamental choices each of us
makes in life seem to matter very little.

“Even acts of great courage and intelligence, while
admirable and even inspiring, exist in sharp contrast to
the apparent unworkability of the world at large. Our
greatest technical achievement, walking on the moon,
while galvanizing the world for a moment, did not
fundamentally alter people’s experience of their ability
to make a difference in their lives and in the world.

“Sometime around now-it may have happened
five years ago or 50 years ago-but sometime
around now, the rules for living successfully on earth
shifted, and an opportunity, unseen before, began to
reveal itself.

“This opportunity is a context – a particular space
or paradigm, a way of being-which unexpectedly
creates the possibility for a person’s life to truly make a

“In this context, the way each of us answers the
question, ‘What is my life really going to be about?’ can
literally alter the course of humanity.

“The possibility to create the context in which
people’s lives really matter is undoubtedly the most
profound opportunity available to anyone, ever.”
Werner Erhard – 1980