“One of my claims to fame is that for five or six years I had the great privilege of being in conversation maybe two to four times a year with Richard Feynman, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist. We did not speak much about physics, because I am whatever is below amateur as a physicist. We spoke more about ideas. What was great about talking with Richard Feynman was he let absolutely nothing go by him. It had to make sense to him; he had to understand it.

I took notes over the five or six years in which we had these conversations – a lot of notes. He took only one note, but my claim to fame is that when he died, that one note was still on his blackboard. I am going to tell you what that one note was. “There are certain things you can only know by creating them for yourself.”  So the things I share with you are not things I simply can hand over to you, but I can open up something for you to create for yourself.” – Werner Erhard from  “A BREAKTHROUGH IN INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION” Presentation By Werner Erhard At The Eranos Conference, Ascona, Switzerland, 18 June 2006



Richard Feynman’s blackboard at the time of his death.