“Transformation is not an event. It doesn’t have the properties of things or experiences. It has no position, no location in time, no beginning, no middle, and no end. It doesn’t look like anything or feel like anything. You could say it’s a shift in the basis of experience from self as point of view or from self as direct experience to self as self, or self as simply being.

True transformation is the recovery by the self of the generating principles with which self creates the self. Transformation is self as self – the space in which being occurs, or to put it another way it is the being of abstraction or the context which the being of abstraction is.”

werner erhard on transformation - 1976

From Epistemological And Contextual Contributions of est to General Systems Theory, presented by Werner Erhard to the symposium on Evolving Trends in General Systems Theory and the Future of the Family,   Opatija, Yugoslavia, 5 October 1976