“Transformation is the context in which transformation can occur. The experience of that transformation is one of wholeness and completeness, of self as totally fulfilled and completely satisfied to be. Transformation is not a peak experience. Transformation is not the experience of self. Transformation is the self itself. If you listen carefully to what I just said, not with your understanding, but with your self, you will hear that what I just said is that transformation is completion. Transformation is being complete. What is the chair as chair? It’s complete. What is the room as room? It’s complete. What is the self as self? It’s complete. It is the complete self, simply being self.

The dictionary has a beautifully abstract definition of complete. It’s beautifully contextual. It says “complete implies the inclusion of all that is needed for the integrity, perfection or fulfillment” of something.

That captures my meaning exactly. When self is self, that is the experience of being complete. That is the experience of integrity, or being true to yourself.”

-Werner Erhard