An innovative exploration of Heidegger’s language intersecting with Erhard’s ontological thought

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Speaking Being: Werner Erhard, Martin Heidegger, and a Technology of Transformation is a fascinating investigation of ontological questions of spoken communication. This unique work integrates two distinct features into one volume: a complete transcript of Werner Erhard’s 1989 Landmark Forum course lectures on Martin Heidegger’s concepts of the speech of Being and an extended discussion of Heideggerian points of intersection with the transcribed dialogue. Offering a comprehensive approach to the subject matter, this text presents a series of “Sidebar” discussions that occur alongside conversations between Forum participants and Erhard to provide clarity and context. Lengthier “Intervals” include in-depth examination of the central theme of the manuscript while providing wider perspective to surrounding regions of philosophical thought.

Martin Heidegger is widely considered to be one of the most original and influential figures of 20th century philosophy. His thoughts on the question of Being continue to elicit contemporary investigation. Through Werner Erhard’s discussions, this insightful text seeks to reveal what it means to speak the unsayable and evoke Being. This intriguing and highly engaging work allows readers to:

  • Read the complete transcript to Werner Erhard’s four-day course
  • Gain unique insight on Heideggerian concepts through in-depth discussion and analysis
  • Understand key discussion points with sidebar commentary
  • Explore central themes presented by leading scholars and educators in the fields of rhetorical pedagogy and ontology

Speaking Being offers a fascinating glimpse into Werner Erhard’s professional and personal development program, demonstrating its ontological and phenomenological approach to Heidegger’s concepts of Being. This innovative book will appeal to followers of philosophical thought and encourage further investigation of this stimulating field.