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A context is literally created by creating it.  You just need to recognize that you have the power of context, and then you simply need to be willing to be responsible for creating it yourself, without reason, without the props of evidence – to simply say ‘this shall be. I have the power of my word in my own universe. I have the power to determine the context of my own life.  I give meaning to my life.  The meaning doesn’t come from outside.’

-Werner Erhard

Context is the freedom to be.  Context is space.  It has no form, no place in time; it allows form and time.  In the absence of a consciously-created context, our lives are controlled by content – the forces and circumstances of the condition in which we live.  Once you create a context, that context then generates a process in which the content – the forces and circumstances – reorder and align themselves with the context.  For example, if you choose to shift the context of your life from ‘I don’t matter’ to ‘I make a difference,’ the circumstances in your life, while they may not have changed, take on an entirely new meaning.  This new meaning, then, begins to reflect that you do make a difference.”

Werner Erhard