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The Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at Harvard Kennedy School of Government is dedicated to excellence in leadership education and research.  At the heart of CPL’s mission is the enhancement of leadership teaching and research. By creating opportunities for reflection and discovery for students, scholars, and practitioners from different disciplines, sectors, cultures, and nations, CPL promotes a dynamic exchange of ideas. It is equally committed to bridging the gap between leadership theory and practice.

Since 2008, they have posted their videos—including archived footage from a decade of leadership events, speeches, and interviews— on their YouTube channel.   With 21,763 views, Werner Erhard‘s lecture on his latest work: “Why We Do What We Do: A New Model Providing Actionable Access to the Source of Performance,” was the second most watched video in 2010. –  Top Ten CPL Videos of 2010

Werner Erhard speaks to Kennedy School students (2009)