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Werner Erhard’s est Training inspired its participants to go out and make a difference with their lives, contribute to humanity, and give back to their communities. To fulfill the humanitarian motivations of these est graduates a number of not for profit organizations were founded by Werner Erhard along with other original est staffers, notably Gonneke Spits, and the literally hundreds of thousands of individuals who had participated in The est Training. est graduates knew the power of “the little individual” and used their lives to improve their communities through the Community Workshop; and give Youths At Risk a new opportunity in their lives, and fostered and funded development work in Africa through The Breakthrough Foundation; and committed themselves to work to end hunger in the world through The Hunger Project and its many offshoots. These organizations, along with the Werner Erhard Foundation which played a hand in establishing all of these charities, provided forums for the individual to make a difference worldwide. For more information about the Werner Erhard Foundation visit